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Genuine Fur & Leather Coats

"Why to lean towards fashion over comfort or vice versa when you can have both?"
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About Tsiolakis Furs & Leather

Tsiolakis Furs & Leather was established at Kastoria in Greece, by Athanasios Tsiolakis in 1967. Since then we are active on leather and fur manufacturing as well as the production and the design of garments and accessories.

Taking into consideration the latest guidelines of fashion, we have created a complete fur and leather collection. Any stylish garment is possible for any woman and man. Only TOP QUALITY skins are ‎used imported mainly from Italy. We are able to provide different colors, combinations and customizable design tailor-made to cater to the specific needs of each customer.

Wander around our Gallery for proposals or even make your own combination taking advantage of the wide range of fur and leather products and colors.

Furs Vrilissia Chalandri Athens Kastoria Greece

Fur Repairs

We can easily repair your damaged or your old fur coat.

Contact us to repair your fur

Materials, Skins & Quality

Fur Quality & Skins

Fur skins that we use: Fox, mink, such as BLACKGLAMA, SAGA, NAFA, Namibian lamb like SWAKARA, karakul, raccoon, finnracoon, rex rabbit, sable, lynx, and chinchilla.

Fur Quality & Skins

All about Leather

The worlds finest: Nappa lamb leather, nubuk, suede, calf leather, pony and laser pony skin and extra-ordinary reptile skins.

Python & Nappa Leather Skins

Excellent Sheepskin

Various top quality sheep skins like Spanish Merino, Entrefino, New Zealand baby lamb and Toskana lamb.

Excellent Sheepskin Coats

"We guarantee that all of our products and our actions comply with the current international laws about the protection of the animals and species."


Either you need a new coat or you wish to repair your existing one or any other information please don't hesitate to contact us using the form below. We would be glad to assist you!

Vrilissia, Athens
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